SMART BOWEN® Therapy is Brian Smart’s expanded interpretation of the Bowen technique he learnt in 1992,  based on the works of the late Tom Bowen (1916 – 1982) of Geelong in Victoria, Australia.

Having qualifications as a paramedic, massage and trigger point therapist, Brian began experimenting by combining principles from other modalities that he had learnt and studied and in due course he disclosed a very dynamic interpretation of Bowen based on trigger point therapy and acupuncture principles, which has proven to be extremely effective with the test of time in clinical practice.   Physical problems that were previously difficult to overcome with limited training and explanation soon began responding positively and rapidly with this developmental work. During his years of extensive research, Brian has gained valuable insight and understanding to some of the theories which make Bowen Therapy the unique and effective modality that it is today.

In 1999 Brian began to pass on his knowledge in training programs, which were first established under the banner of Kelda Lea Bowen Therapy, (Kelda Lea was the name of the family farm at the time), but after several years a name change preceded and SMART BOWEN® Therapy was born.

Brian went on to develop the equine and small animal (now renamed the ‘Canine Program).

Lea Smart a qualified and proficient human, equine and canine Bowen therapist, went onto develop the equine and canine programs further with her vast experience as a veterinary nurse and animal therapist.

Smart Bowen is a progressive college continually developing and refining that which was so evident in the late work of Tom Bowen.

After years of dedication to Bowen, Brian earnt his retirement and in April 2019, he formerly stepped down from administrating in partnership with Lea Smart – Smart Bowen®.    Lea Smart is now the sole owner of Smart Bowen and continues to administrate the college’s training programs in Australia and overseas and provides instruction along with the other valued instructors who provide training across Australia and overseas.