SMART BOWEN® Therapy is Brian Smart’s expanded interpretation of the Bowen technique he learnt in 1992. His learning was based on the works of the late Tom Bowen (1916 – 1982) of Geelong in Victoria, Australia.

As far back as 1975, Brian has worked with the human body as a Football Trainer, Ambulance volunteer then Advance Ambulance Officer, Remedial Massage and Bowen Therapist, learning Trigger Point Therapy, Stretching Techniques and Aromatherapy along the way.  It was in the later period of Brian’s learning of the Bowen technique that he became interested in eastern health philosophies such as acupuncture and acupressure, becoming aware of the co-relationship of these two techniques and that of Bowen.  This became the starting point for his continued research.

When Brian first learnt the Bowen technique, there were no theories put forward as to how the technique worked, it was unfortunate that just before Tom Bowen passed he was noted to have said to one of his students ‘I have taught you 10% of what I know, the rest is up to you’!  This was clearly evident in the similar passing on of limited knowledge to Brian and fellow students and when their  instructor was questioned about why they were being taught to do things in a certain way, the common and simple response was ‘because that’s the way Tom Bowen did it’.

Frustrated and with a keen desire to know more, Brian began experimenting by combining principles from other modalities that he had learnt and had studied, and in due course he disclosed a very dynamic interpretation of Bowen, which has proven to be extremely effective with the test of time in clinical practice.   Physical problems that were previously difficult to overcome with limited training and explanation soon began responding positively and rapidly with this developmental work. During his years of extensive research, Brian has gained valuable insight and understanding to some of the theories which make Bowen Therapy the unique and effective modality that it is today.

The development of the equine and small animal (now renamed the ‘Canine Program), began when treating his farm dogs and those of other peoples for a range of complaints.  Shortly, there-after Brian was approached by a friend ‘Tom Kelman’ who came to him for assistance having just learnt the Bowen technique on horses from another school, but was having difficulty applying it successfully. During a two year process that ensued, and with the close assistance of a veterinarian, Brian with Tom’s help began to cross apply all his knowledge gained over the years having developed the human side, to that of horses with equal and resounding success.

Thus in 1999 with requests from many people throughout Australia, Brian began to pass on his knowledge in training programs, which were first established under the banner of Kelda Lea Bowen Therapy, (Kelda Lea was the name of the family farm at the time), but after several years a name change preceded and SMART BOWEN® Therapy was born.

After many years in the making, Brian met one of his pinnacles which was to produce a book on Bowen Therapy and in 2014 “The Smart Bowen Practitioners Guide” was self- published and is now being sold globally and is used as the ‘text book’ to the human programs.

Lea (Brian’s wife) was a former student of Brian’s, who went on to instruct the equine and canine programs. Lea is also a proficient human practitioner/instructor as well. She has been an integral part of the developmental side to the animal programs, which is her where her primary interest lays.   A long involvement and love with all animals and having worked in professions of Animal Technology, Veterinary Nursing, Equine Massage, Equine Acupuncture, Animal Homeopathy, Flower Essences and Essential Oils coupled with extensive training in saddle fitting & equine trigger points has enabled her to  expand the animal programs in many directions and consolidate the theories surrounding the how’s and why’s of what makes Bowen Therapy such a powerful and uplifting healing modality for animals as well.   Sharon May-Davis (equine scientist) is a mentor to Lea, and has played an integral part in her continued education.  Sharon lectured for Smart Bowen for 4 years when nationally accredited and we owe her a great depth of gratitude for assisting us with the upgrading of our manuals.  Lea continues studies in Equine Herbal Medicine and an Adv. Dip. Naturopathy and is currently establishing a new business called ‘Animal Spirit’ that will present her equine and animal art as well as promoting herself as a versatile complimentary equine/animal therapist.

It is well known, that Tom Bowen originally taught 6 men what he knew, but in doing so we also know that he did not teach them everything that he knew.  Interestingly three of the 6 men who were taught at varying stages, came together as a group after Tom’s passing to compare notes, and it was clearly evident at this event that Tom‘s wheel was always moving forward in his own development of his technique. Likewise, Brian and Lea remain in a continual process of development when it comes to Bowen Therapy. Never satisfied with their knowledge of today, they will endeavour to further the advancement of the Bowen Technique and in taking a leaf out of Tom’s book they will continue the research and when done, look forward to many students who have learnt from them to carry on Tom’s work in a similar vein.