Smart Bowen Therapy – The Practitioner’s Guide


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Author: Brian Smart Adv. Dip BT, has now released his book on SMART BOWEN® Therapy. This is a “How to” book on  SMART BOWEN® covering all of the additional Remedial moves or procedures developed by Brian in over 21 years of professional practice, plus Brian’s interpretation of the basic Bowen work.

This 1st edition features 228 pages with in excess of 250 full colour photographic illustrations with a very detailed description of how to apply the SMART BOWEN® Therapy moves or procedures. The book captures all of the essential elements of SMART BOWEN® Therapy into one easy to follow volume. A great quick reference volume for those who have studied SMART BOWEN®, and an amazing insight into a different perspective on Bowen Therapy to those whom have learnt through another Bowen College.

People with skills in other hands on Complementary Healthcare modalities will find “Smart Bowen Therapy – The Practitioner’s Guide” a great introduction and way of gaining a really good understanding of SMART BOWEN®. This is now the main practical text for people training with Smart Bowen Therapy International College.